8221 44th Avenue West (Building A)
Suite E, Mukilteo, WA

#1. I want to make sure Quality Fitness is the right place for me.  How can I do that?

- Call/email us with any questions you may have about Rates, Classes, Instructors, etc.
- Set up a time to come in and to take a tour of our facility.
- Try out a class; first one is FREE!

#2. I need to get back into shape, but I'm not sure of my abilities...which class do you recommend I start with?

- We have 11 types of classes that run over 50 times/week.  Each one caters to a different      crowd and people with different schedules.
- If you're just starting to exercise for the first time in over a year or more; then Pilates,            Peak Performance, Sculpt and Stretch, or Yoga are for you.
- If you're an avid exerciser and love to move, try either one of our Circuit Classes                    (Strength/Cardio), Spinning if you love to cycle, or Zumba if you love to dance!
- If you're young and would like to hang out with your own age group, then Teen HIIT Fit is    the class you want to be in.
- If you're looking for that "next level up", if you're injury free (none recent), and you want      to tone your body to a whole new level, then try either TRX or DEF-CON 1.5.


#3. I have an injury and am limited in what I can do.  Do you offer classes that can accommodate me?

We have classes that are specifically suited to those who have movement limitations. Our classes are smaller than the average corporate fitness center, so you receive far more attention and safe modifications to provide you with an effective workout. You might want to consider trying one of our Yoga or Pilates classes, which are suited for people recovering from injury or other limitations. Feel free to call us if you have any additional questions about your injuries or other ailments.

#4. Are there any hidden fees?

- We have No Enrollment Fees.
- We have No Early Deposit Fees.
- The only Cancellation Fees we have, applies to year-long studio class memberships, not      our other membership options.
- We use a simple, "Pay to Play" format: You pay for a length of time, and if you don't like        it, then no one's forcing you to come back.  No pressure. No hassles.  We just want you        to enjoy your time with us.
- If you do like our classes and instructors, and if you do want to save money...then you          have the option of doing a yearlong contract and spending less per month.
- Remember, the longer you invest with us, the more you save.